Kasler Suffolks

Striving to make great Suffolk Club Lambs

Reference Sires

El Guapo

Brutus/Influence RR/NN



Brutus – Fairwether 12-04

FW 8106 Red Tag/Last Hurrah QR/NN



Fairwether 1106

FW 8106 Red Tag/Lasting Impression daughter RR/NN

This ram has done more to add rib shape and top shape than any ram we have used lately.  Thanks Polly.




McLaughlin Griffin ram by Max – RR/NN

JB was brought into the program because of his style coupled with his tremendous base width.  I’m impressed with his correctness and he really crossed well on the Influence line.





Shell 676  RR/NN Statement (Guywire son)/Shell 355 daughter




We are offering our Fairwether sire for sale. He is super stout and correct.

Fairwether 1097 – RR/NN

Last Hurrah/620 daughter



Swanky – RR/NN Bred by Viking Club Lambs



Stealth – 2008 2nd Feb Suffolk-Sedalia McLaughlin/Griffin



Classified – Kasler 5024- Fairwether 3114 and out of a Preacher daughter.



Vintage – Marx 278 son/99 Red Tag ewe



Best 2 – Best of Luck/Zyon daughter



Fairwether 3114 – Marx 08 son/Charming daughter



Also Rand – Marx 278/Orange Tag daughter



Kasler 1010 – Fairwether “Preacher”/Marx 561 daughter



Kasler 918 – Marx 561/Marx 53 Blue daughter



Kasler 9036 – Sired by Marx 561 and out of a Kasler 402 daughter